Swar Systems

Indian classical music lovers

Classical music is at the heart of our activity. We absolutely love it and have tried to release software that would be appreciated by both experts and beginners of the Hindusthani and/or Carnatic traditions.

SwarShala is without a doubt the most developped Indian music software available at the moment. It's divided in 3 separate sections for learning about (with multimedia tutorials), practicing and composing Indian music. Both North (Hindusthani) and South (Carnatic) Indian traditions are covered, along with up to 74 instruments.
If you are looking for a software to assist you in your practice wherever you are, then you should try iShala. This is an iOS and Android app that will actively replace a tabla machine, lehra player and electronic tanpura, all in the small volume of your mobile phone/tablet.
If you want to learn about North and/or South Indian music while on the move or comfortably lying in your sofa, then Raga & Tala is the iOS/Android app for you. This is a multimedia tutorial with beautiful audio extracts that will help you grasp all the intricacies of this fascinating art form. A Carnatic version is also available as Ragam & Talam.
These multimedia tutorials are also available on PC/Mac as Swar Tutorial, in case you don't have a mobile with iOS or Android system. Swar Tutorial is also inbuilt in the SwarShala Learn section.