Swar Systems


Add Indian voices to your sampler keyboard or to your favorite sequencer! When VST plugins won't work for your MIDI setup, SwarTrax (or Swar Trax) is the right solution for you. Through its Akai S1000 CD (Reason NN-XT, Motif and Tyros versions also available), users of EXS24 sampler or specific keyboards will be able to load our 74 Indian instruments within minutes. Once they do, they can use our large collection of included MIDI files and/or create tracks with their own creativity, through the included Swar Librarian software.


  • Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7&8
  • Mac OS X version 10.4 or higher


Are you not sure about the software you require to meet your needs? Feel free to send us an email to sales@swarsystems.com, describing the way you are planning to use our products, the platform/system you are running and the hardware/software equipment you have (if any). We will be glad to assist you
personally make the right choices.