SwarPlug - VST, AAX and AudioUnits/AUv3 plugin of Indian instruments

SwarPlug 4.1 Update

We have just released an important update for our SwarPlug virtual instrument. Here is the list of enhancements:

  • new MODULATORS pane to define the way any parameter in the plugin can be modulated
  • additional LFO controls: Initial delay (before LFO kicks in) and acceleration/deceleration in time
  • new Cross-Velocity toggle button. Allows modulated velocity to automatically fade across samples of the different velocity ranges
  • new instrument selection screen: shows all instruments by category, to browse them easily. You can also flag any of them so they appear in the Favorites category
  • fixed an issue when bouncing in place the ascending/descending scales. Was playing at slow tempo
  • enabled SPEED control on any style of any instrument
  • more consistent saving of settings when multiple plugins loaded
  • fixed an issue where the plugin was sometimes hanging or crashing when selecting a new instrument
  • MPE: increased max range to 96 (previously 95)
  • various fixes
  • ready for the new MLP5 Bansuri samples set

SwarPlug 4 users can get this update free of cost in our Updates section. ML Pack 5 is a new samples set that can be purchased separately for $25 only.

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Now with new Bansuris pack!

SwarPlug 4 Tutorials

Detailed tutorials covering all aspects of SwarPlug 4 and its Dashboard utility.

Supported Platforms

  • Windows 7 or greater
  • Mac OS X 10.8 or greater

Included Formats

  • VST2 & VST3
  • Audio Unit
  • AAX