Bansuri (flute) pack for SwarPlug - VST, AAX and AudioUnits/AUv3 plugin of Indian instruments

ML Pack 5 : to the tune of the Bamboo flute...

We are delighted to announce the release of ML (Multi Layer) Pack 5, a new set of 4 beautifully sampled bansuris (Indian bamboo flutes), ranging from the low-pitched (Shankh Bansuri) to the very high pitch one.

This new set comes with over 50 MIDI clips of various ragas that will be a valuable source of inspiration for your compositions.

ML Pack 5 is available to SwarPlug 4 users at a very nominal price of $25. You can purchase it by clicking on the button below.

ML Pack 5 specs

  • 4 beautifully sampled Bansuris, from a very low instrument to a very high one
  • 3 velocity layers (soft, medium, loud)
  • 2 mic takes (direct mono and stereo)
  • 48kHz, 24 bits
  • additional playing styles (Murki, Khatka, etc...)
  • loop ranges set (to play notes forever)
  • over 50 MIDI raga clips
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Check out a short demo

Let us give you a glimpse of this new sample pack. Francis is using a breath-controller as one of the modulators (expression), with the modulation wheel handling vibrato and pitch sliding.